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As we head into summer and all its festivities, we turn the spotlight this month on S’wooft staffer Stacy who is another dog walker we can always count on to be out there providing our furry friends and owners with exceptional customer service - rain or shine! This is really something to be said considering the number of rainy days we’ve had lately!

When it comes to taking care of animals, Stacy was made for this! When she was born, her father had a German Shepherd, his favorite breed of dog, named Lobo. He was a single father who worked a lot and because of this, she often spent time at her grandparents’ house with Lobo, who was always by her side - playing outside, snuggling on the couch watching tv, or sleeping next to her bed. Lobo was her protector and best friend, and with their strong bond, her interest and love of animals blossomed. As he grew older, he unfortunately began to suffer from age-related issues including arthritis which affected his mobility, but Lobo was her first encounter with a furry friend and her first connection to a dog.

Stacy got her first pet of her own at the age of 10, a black Labrador puppy named Midnight. Her best friend was driving from Alabama with her family on the way to visit Stacy and they happened across a puppy (Midnight) on the side of the road, so they scooped him up and brought him to Stacy’s house. Stacy believes that this puppy was found and given to her for a reason, especially since he was found during her birthday month. Midnight became Stacy’s best friend and new obsession. She took him everywhere and showed him off, because he was all hers. 

Midnight taught Stacy about unconditional love and the responsibility required to take care of a pet, especially at such a young age. During this time, Stacy also realized that she wanted to be a pet owner for life.

In addition to incorporating pets into her family, Stacy also wanted her future career to involve animals. As evident by her history with pets, she has always been attracted to their unconditional love and loyalty. Growing up, Stacy wanted to be a veterinarian and even started to take some online courses to be a veterinary technician. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go as planned. Stacy became a mom and her classes were put on hold. This didn’t stop Stacy from eventually finding a job that involved animals!

So, how did Stacy incorporate animals back into her work life? S’wooft asked Stacy some additional questions including why she chose to work for the company and what it takes to be a great dog walker.

Why did you choose to work for S’wooft? 

S: I came across the job opportunity for S’wooft while searching online for a part-time job. There were many job listings for dog walkers or for pet care, but the name S’wooft caught my eye. After viewing the website and reading the owner Sarah’s story, I was drawn to the job because of Sarah. I was drawn to her courage and devotion that led her to opening and running her own dog walking company, and for being a woman-owned business. I just thought, ‘That’s bad ass! You rock, Sarah!’ 

What is one tip that you would give on finding a good dog walker or on dog walking? 

S: When it comes to dog walking it’s important to be patient and adaptable to the needs of the different dogs that you walk. No dog is the same. They all have their own unique needs or quirks to get them going and to keep them happy. For some, hugs and kisses, or even a little encouragement go a long way. I love my fur clients! 

Speaking of S’wooft’s owner Sarah being a “rock star,” Stacy owns a shih-tzu who is named Rockstar! Rockstar was adopted at the tender age of five months and is adored by Stacy and her young son. After adopting the pup, her son learned the importance of being gentle and nice to his new furry (not stuffed!) friend, as well as how to properly take care of him. Although they do fight sometimes like brothers, the boys have a bond that has lasted 10 years with the hope of many more to come!

Here’s a fun fact! His name is inspired by the song by P!nk titled, “ So What,” where in the lyrics she sings, “So, so what, I’m still a Rockstar, I got my rock moves, and I don’t need you.” This was her son’s favorite song at the time that she got the shih-tzu.

Just as Stacy thinks Sarah is a rock star, S’wooft sees Stacy in the same light. Stacy is always one who can be relied on and consistently goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. She always pays attention to even the smallest details that make the biggest difference and, of course, displays an enormous amount of compassion and love for animals. S’wooft is fortunate to have her as a member of the team.

For more on Stacy and the rest of Team S’wooft, check out Our Team!

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