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Q: What does Swooft mean?

A: It's just a fun name referring to our furry friends ("woof") and our fabulous walkers (who are "swift"). You can also check out the Urban Dictionary definition of swooft.


Q: What are your credentials?

A: We’re a Chicago-licensed business, insured and bonded, and a proud member of PSI (Pet Sitters International).  We're also an approved pet care service through FetchFind,, and PetTaxi App. All of our staff are required to pass background and reference checks upon hiring and all of our Dog Walkers are all W2 employees (rather than 1099 contractors), which is what allows us to provide the training and oversight necessary to provide the best possible team for your pet care. Your pets are family, and we don't take that lightly! You can learn more about our credentials and endorsements here.


Q: What services do you provide?

A: We offer daily dog walks, cat care, vacation pet care, as well as other pet services like wedding pet care, pet taxi, and yard cleanup. We also have evening and weekend availability as well as overnight sleepovers.


Q: What areas do you service?

A: We currently serve the far northwest Chicago neighborhoods and surrounding area (please see Service Area under "Contact Us").


Q: Will I have the same walker every day?

A: As much as possible, we try to have a regular walker and a regular substitute for each client. That said, it's difficult to predict changes in walker schedules so our service agreement includes client permission for any Swooft dog walker/pet sitter to provide services. All of our team members are fully background and reference checked, and we have full confidence they will deliver great care for your pet(s)! 


Q: What if I only need one walk every once in a while?

A: We are primarily set up for, and therefore give scheduling and walker assignment priority to, pet families needing a consistent schedule of walks/visits. Sporadic service requests are confirmed based on staff availability. If we aren't the right fit for that reason, we'll be glad to refer you to other pet care providers.


Q: I don't need regular weekly walks but need help when I'm out of town on vacation. Do you provide vacation care?

A: Yes! We offer vacation care in the form of multiple visits per day. An initial consultation will need to be scheduled to set up services and a key lock box is required for all vacation care services.


Q: I'll have a family member checking on my pet, as well. Is that okay?

A: We generally do not accept "share sits" and will approach this on a case by case basis. If anyone other than a Swooft team member is going to be in the home during or between visits, we may not be held responsible for any liabilities during the care period. 


Q: Do you only accept well-trained or animal-friendly dogs?

A: No. We accept dogs at a range of temperaments, including dogs that may not necessarily be friendly with other animals/people. That said, overly aggressive dogs may be denied service at our discretion during the initial consultation or if a pet's behavior declines over time after starting services. Dog walking often helps with training. We like to know and use whatever commands and behaviors you and your pet are practicing so we can reinforce the behaviors you want to see with your dog. In cases where a dog is unable to be easily controlled on a walk or may be aggressive toward other animals, our walkers use extra precaution during the walk and we may ask that a different leash, collar, or harness be purchased to continue services. 


Q: Can you walk my dog at 11:15am every day?

A: We’ll try our best. In order to make scheduling multiple clients every day possible, we require a 2-3 hour window of time for every scheduled walk. Regularly scheduled clients will be given priority over occasional clients or last minute requests, especially during our peak daytime hours (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm). 


Q: My dog doesn't really do well on walks. What other options do I have?

A: If you have a fully fenced and secure backyard, we can spend the time with your dog in the backyard (length of time/pricing would be the same). Several of our clients use this option for various reasons and the dogs love it!

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: To be fair to other clients and assist in walker scheduling, we appreciate cancellations as soon as you know you won’t need our services. However we understand things come up at the last minute and are happy to adjust schedules as needed but same day cancellations will be charged 50% of the full service fee so we can compensate our walkers for losing the confirmed time slot. 

Q: What are the advantages of a dog walker over a daycare or kennels?

A:  Having a dog walker allows your dog to maintain their regular schedule in a familiar home environment while also reinforcing training commands and getting daily exercise. In some cases, common dog illnesses can be contracted in a daycare or kennel environment, making it unsafe for non-vaccinated puppies and some older dogs. Dog walking or in-home vacation care are also a safe alternative for dogs that are aggressive toward other animals. All of that said, both options have definite pros and we can help assess and recommend the best fit for your pet's needs. We also have great daycare recommendations!


Q: When is payment due? What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Billing occurs every Monday for the previous week's services. We accept credit cards and checks for payment and all credit cards that are saved on file will be automatically charged for your convenience.


Q: What if I need to add a walk with short notice?

A: We can generally adjust with short notice and make every effort to accommodate existing clients, and new clients if possible. Same day single service bookings will incur a $10 surcharge and vacation care bookings requested within 72 hours of the first visit will be an additional $20.


Q: How many dogs do you walk at a time?

A: We do not walk in packs, but will walk multiple dogs (up to 3 if safe to do so) from one household together.


Q: How do you keep my keys, home, and possessions secure?

A: Your security is one of our top priorities! All of our dog walkers are bonded and background checked so your pet can feel at ease with our team of professionals. We require all customers to have a key lock box (or other on-site entry system) so keys aren't changing hands. If you choose to have us keep a backup key, it will be coded and stored in a secure location, separate from any files or information that would connect the key to your address. In the highly unlikely event that your keys are lost, it is covered under our business liability insurance and your entire house would be re-keyed (if desired) at no cost to you. 


Q: May I book visits through my pet sitter directly?

A: No. All visits should be booked through our app or by contacting Swooft by email ( 


Q: Are your walkers employees or contractors?

A: All of our dog walkers and pet sitters are W2 employees who are covered under workers comp, in addition to the bonding/insurance that extends to all of our staff. 

Q: May I give my dog walker a gratuity?

A: Absolutely! You can leave cash or a gift card for your sitter (clearly labeled with their name), or give a tip through the mobile app. We appreciate your generosity toward our staff!


Q: What do you do if the weather is terrible?

A: Chicago weather can be unpredictable, but our walkers provide full walks (as much as your pup will allow), rain or shine (or snow!). That said, if there is severe weather such as a lightning storm or below zero temperatures that would be unsafe for both the pets and walkers, they will do a shorter let out and spend the remainder of the time inside with your pet, playing and giving them attention!


Q: Do you offer a referral program?

A: For each referral you give Swooft that results in a regular client, we will credit your account $20. Ask us about other monthly promotions for new and existing clients!


Q: I’d like to become a client! What do I need to do?

A: Great! Just complete the Contact Us form to let us know about your pet care needs. We’ll schedule an initial consultation at your home to meet you and your pet(s), get details about their care needs, and schedule visits.


Q: I’d like to join the Swooft team! What do I need to do?

A: Fantastic! Visit our Jobs page to see our open positions and to apply (please note, we will not interview without provision of a resume). 

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