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Swooft opened in March of 2015 when Sarah Homan (founder) ran into a dilemma. She lived in far northwest Chicago and despite being within city limits, had very few options for pet care for her then 8yr old collie mix, Allie. Long work and commuting hours made it necessary to find a reliable daily dog walker and she was shocked at the limited options in her area, so she made it her mission to establish a loving, reliable, and professional pet care service for far northwest Chicago and the surrounding area. Sarah left her full-time job in technology recruiting in October of 2015 to continue to grow the business. Today, the mission and vision of Swooft has grown, focusing on providing the highest quality of pet care for families and a better quality of life for pets and their people.

Our quality as a company starts with our staff. We are proud of our team, including how we select, train, and treat them. Our Dog Walkers are all W2 employees, not independent contractors, and this is important to the quality of care our customers receive.

Independent Contractor


No obligation to set work schedule

 Specific, temporary duration of contract

 Training not provided by hiring company

 Not eligible for paid time off, worker comp, or other employee benefits


Predictable schedule with regular hours

Employment is ongoing (unless resigned or terminated)

Receives training and instruction 

Eligible for paid time off, mileage reimbursement, worker comp, and other employee benefits


Swooft is also a proud member of the Pet Industry Coalition, an industry organization that requires 100% legal compliance in all operations.

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