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Pets and a Pandemic: What to Know While We Work from Home

While our pets are pretty unanimously thrilled with this new way of life, many of us are navigating several new and potentially lasting changes. These changes might range from our work environment, to managing the household (kids, shared chores, etc), to our interactions with our pets. S’wooft wants you to feel safe reaching out to us for dog walking and pet sitting services. Everything seems a little different lately, but we remain ready to help you with your pet care needs.

S’wooft to the Telecommuter’s Rescue!

Four-legged co-workers tend to be disruptive. S’wooft can keep your dog on a walking schedule that matches your work-from-home hours, helping them burn energy outside so they aren't as bored inside. We'll be quiet coming and going and you'll get the report card from their walk in your email...likely your favorite email of the day!

Is your pet prone to separation anxiety? Regular visits from their walking buddy can help when it comes time to transition to business as usual (or just to being able to leave the house again!). We can help your pet adjust by getting them into a routine and establishing regular companionship when you're gone, whether out of the house or stuck in a Zoom call.

Safety Precautions

For the foreseeable future, we will take the following precautions for all services:

  • mask worn at all times when in your home

  • frequent, thorough hand-washing and use of hand sanitizer

  • using our own nylon leash so we aren't directly handling your dog's leash

  • not letting people pet your dog while out on the walk

  • offering pet hand-offs at your door when you are home

Veterinarian Tips

Like other businesses, most veterinarian offices are making adjustments to how they provide services in order to protect their staff and patients. Many are offering no-contact vet appointments (pickup/drop off without you going inside with your pet), drive up prescription pickups, and other modified services.

To find out exactly what's available from your pet's doc, call your veterinarian. Here’s what to ask:

  • How are you handling routine visits? What about emergency visits?

  • Do you offer no-contact prescription pickup? What online ordering alternatives can you suggest?

  • What non-emergency visits can be postponed?

Is your pet part of your COVID-19 emergency plan? Think ahead.

Now is the time to discuss where your pet will go if you get sick. Think about where, who, and what your pet will need until you are healthy again.

  • Pack a bag! Include food, medicines, treats, toys, grooming tools, medical records, and the number of your veterinarian. Include a list of your pet’s health conditions and allergies. Write out detailed instructions for medication: dosage, how the pill or liquid should be administered, and potential side effects or reactions to watch for.

  • Let S'woof help you! You can include our contact info in their emergency kit and send us the same instructions to update their pet profile in our app. We're also glad to help coordinate pet taxi or anything else needed to facilitate your pet getting the care they need.

Be informed. Stay informed.

  • The CDC has also released FAQs regarding the spread of COVID-19 from animal to human, or human to animal. According to the CDC, the risk of animals spreading the virus to their human companions is low.

  • Both the scientists and the general public are still learning about COVID-19. Keep an eye out for updates from reliable sources. Until we know more, protect your furry friend if you are sick. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) suggests those who are feeling ill avoid affections (petting, kissing, snuggling) and sharing food or bedding with pets.

As the saying goes, "we're in this together!" Please don't hesitate to contact us for help with your pets. We're eager to get back to our work of taking care of them and would be glad to give you one less thing to worry about during the busy day. Stay safe and healthy, and know that we're here when you and your pets need us!

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