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This is a part-time position with varying hours depending on coverage needs, with most services taking place from 10am-4pm Monday through Friday, as well as morning, evening, and weekend coverage as available. The Pack Leader is the preferred team member to cover any scheduled services in their territory that are not already assigned to a staff member. Hours will be tracked through Gusto, where you are required to accurately record hours worked, including transit time between work locations.



The Pack Leader’s on-site work (staff training, touch base with staff members, key exchanges, walk coverage, etc.) will be performed within a specific territory of the overall S’wooft service area. They are otherwise able to work from home and/or the S’wooft office as available.



Please note, applicants must be at least 21 years old and make a commitment of service for a minimum of 12 months. A background check and professional references are required to secure employment, and a reliable car (with valid drivers license and insurance) and smartphone (ability to text/email/apps) are required for work. For liability and scheduling reasons, we are unable to accept applicants who do not have a reliable car or who would need to bring children along on client assignments.



This is a supervisory role that oversees a specified territory within the overall S’wooft coverage area and touches on several facets of business operations, including daily service coverage, staff training, walker and client support, team development, and staff retention. Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:




•    Providing walk coverage support where needed on a daily basis.

•    Serving as a first point of contact for staff members in supervised area for all matters.

•    Coordinating shadowing for applicants to any S’wooft positions.

•    Providing initial training support of new employees, including assistance with CPR certification, coordinating training introductions to client pets, and assisting in new hire and ongoing staff training.

•    Providing feedback for the drafting and editing of company policies and documents, including such content as emergency protocols, situational problem-solving, pet handling best practices, etc.

•    Meeting with Leadership Team on a regular basis to discuss various topics related to staff development, retention, and operations as a whole.




•    Conducting new client consultations with staff members (when a manager is unavailable), to review new client information/pet routine and consult on S’wooft services and policies.  

•    Following up on client concerns related to training, pet health, and other similar matters, in partnership with each pet’s primary care provider and other Leadership Team members.




•    Assisting Office Manager with coverage based on daily schedule changes and staff availability. 

•    Assisting Office Manager with coordination or communication as needed between the office, staff, and clients.

•    Being available as needed as an effective “on duty manager” in the absence of other Leadership Team members.




•    Generating new and engaging content for S’wooft social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) from field work, such as training staff members or interacting with client pets.

•    Generating content to update S’wooft website as needed, including staff and client pictures, community events/updates, etc.

•    Attending community events to promote S’wooft and attract new clients and job applicants.


Additionally, this position is only hired internally from among S’wooft employees with at least 1 year of service. The following qualifications are also taken into consideration regarding overall tenure with S’wooft:


•    Overall performance 

•    Past attendance and timely communication regarding time off requests

•    Client feedback 

•    Management feedback and 


This is an hourly position (non-exempt employee), paid at a rate of $15/hr on a bi-weekly basis, with a target of 25 hours a week. The employee is responsible for accurate time tracking through Gusto. This position also receives 5 PTO days accrued each year (in addition to accrued sick time) at the employee’s discretion. All days taken off (paid or unpaid) are subject to S’wooft owner approval.. In addition, they will continue to enjoy the following staff benefits:


  • Support of a team of pet lovers

  • Pet First Aid/CPR Certification  

  • ​Online and in-person training (all paid)

  • Paid sick leave     

  • Paid Time Off  

  • Periodic team outings and perks

  • Service tips and holiday bonus

  • Participation in community pet events     



The mission of S’wooft is to offer loving, reliable, and professional pet care in far northwest Chicago and surrounding areas.

We do this through:

  • Hiring the best staff, who are fully screened, qualified, and trained 

  • Offering our staff competitive pay, benefits, and a respectful work environment

  • Continually training our staff in Pet First Aid/CPR and other skills that will allow them to offer excellent service to the pets we serve

  • Offering clients consistency in coverage for all daily walks, with additional coverage for off hours needs

  • Maintaining professionalism in all communications, policies, and practices


We specialize in daily dog walking, vacation care, and cat care—all of the ways pet owners need to be able to rely on someone when it comes to the daily care of their pets. Families trust us with their fur babies and their homes, so we're careful to thoroughly screen all of our staff with a full background check, professional references, and shadowing, to see if they have the same abounding love for pets that we do. Rather than a pet service based primarily on convenience, where the quality of staff may be inconsistent, we pride ourselves on each individual who makes up this team. We also strive to build community, both within Team S’wooft and among the greater Chicago area pet community. We do this through team outings, use of an ongoing chat app (Slack), community events, and our various marketing efforts. 

S’wooft is an equal opportunity employer. This means that we select, place, train, and promote the most qualified team members based on relevant factors such as experience, work quality, attitude, and availability. We do not consider race, color, religion, age, gender identification, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy status, veteran status, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, genetic information, order of protection status, status as a victim or perceived victim of domestic or sexual violence, status as a qualified handicapped or disabled individual, or any other proscribed factor in our hiring, salary/wage, promotion, or termination decisions, in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.

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