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Dog Walker (W2) Pay & Benefits


Per Service: hourly


Half hour walks/                    40mins

   Consults/Pet taxi    

Hour walks                             70mins

15min visits                            25mins

20min visits                           30mins

AM/PM/Wknd services           +10mins

Holidays                                 +20mins


Tenure Hourly/Bonuses


New Hire   $12.50/hr

3month     $50 bonus

6month     $13.00/hr

1 year       $13.50/hr


Referral Bonuses

(for any new clients referred by walker)


$20 bonus for regular new clients

(paid after 1st month of services or

vacation care completed)



Paid sick leave     1 hour accrued for every 40 hours worked, capped at 40 accrued hours

                           per year

                           Up to half (20 hours) of unused accrued sick leave may be carried over


Teladoc                24/7 phone access to doctors for consultation, diagnosis and 

                           prescriptions (cost to S’wooft employees: $0)


LegalShield          Unlimited consultation, Will preparation, traffic court assistance, and                                        other legal benefits (cost to S’wooft employees: $16.95-18.95/mo,                                            voluntary enrollment)


Pet First Aid/       Stays with employee regardless of employment (cost to S’wooft

CPR Certification  employees: $0)



Example A:

A new hire walks 5 dogs a day every day of                  For the week, they would be paid:

the week and each walk is a half hour.                           (5 X 5 X 40mins) / 60 X $12.50 = $208/week  

                                                                                                                                      (or $416 every 2 weeks) 

Example B:

A walker does 6 half hour walks a day and                   For the week, they would be paid:

1 evening walk each week, and has been with              ((6 X 5 X 40mins) + (50mins)) / 60 X $13.00 = $271/week  

S'wooft for 6-12 months...                                                                                                      (or $542 every 2 weeks)


Example C:

A new hire walks 7 dogs a day, where 1 is an hour        For the week, they would be paid:

walk and the others are half hour walks. They also         ((6 X 5 X 40mins) + (70mins) + (2 X 50mins)) / 60 X $12.50 = $285/week 

do 2 weekend half hour walks.                                                                                                                                          (or $570 every 2 weeks)



Request sick time directly from your Gusto employee account (

  1. Click the Time Off tab.

  2. Under your Sick time off, click Manage Requests.

  3. Click Request Sick Time.

  4. Select the day(s) for your requested time-off.

    • If you select a single date, a default amount of 8 hours will be entered. Update this number as needed (maximum 5 hours per day for Dog Walkers).

    • If you select multiple days, choose:

      • Partial Days: A default amount of 8 hours will be entered for each date. Update this number as needed (maximum 5 hours per day for Dog Walkers).

  5. Add a note to your employer regarding the request (recommended).

  6. Click Send Request.


Once the request has been approved or declined, you'll receive an email notification. You can view the status of your requests in your Gusto account.


1. Visit

2. Click "Member Login"

3. Go to "Get Started"

4. Fill out your information and select "No" for having a username

5. Register yourself and kids if you have any, including medical history.

6. Call 1-800-Teladoc whenever you are sick or have medical questions. 


(ask Sarah about enrollment)

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